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LIQUA Other 30ml

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LIQUA Apple 30ml
Apple: With just the right amount of crisp sweetness and an even sweeter aroma, the apple flav..
LIQUA Banana 30ml
Banana: The perfect amount of fresh banana sweetness, this flavor is a perfect choice for anyo..
LIQUA Berry Mix 30ml
Berry mix: A combination of fresh strawberries, juicy cherries, tart grapes, and tangy citrus c..
LIQUA Cappuccino 30ml
Cappuccino: Cappuccino faithfully reflects the distinctive taste of strong coffee completed w..
LIQUA Cherry 30ml
Cherry: A fusion of fresh cherries, with the perfect balance of sweet tartness, the cherry fla..
LIQUA Chocolate 30ml
Chocolate: Chocolate offers a pleasantly rich, velvety, Belgium chocolate taste, accompanied b..
LIQUA Coffee 30ml
Coffee: Coffee is a perfect blend of roasted Italian coffee beans, hints of caramel and nuts ..
LIQUA Licorice 30ml
Licorice: Black licorice tastes of anise and candy with a creamy finish and sweet aroma. ..
LIQUA Menthol 30ml
Menthol: With its smooth and minty sweetness and icy undertones, menthol will stimulate your se..
LIQUA Mints 30ml
Mints: Mint is a softer menthol, offering a fresh taste with slightly sweet and herbal tones. ..
LIQUA Peach 30ml
Peach: The delightful flavor of fresh peaches comes together with a light finish in our peach..
LIQUA Red Bull/Energy Drink 30ml
Energy drink: Energy drink delights with a sweet aroma and fruity taste, reminiscent of a true ..
LIQUA Strawberry 30ml
Strawberry: Strawberry has a distinctive natural flavor of freshly harvested strawberries and ..
LIQUA Tiramisu 30ml
Tiramisu: Tiramisu faithfully reflects the taste of the popular italian dessert. It offers a ..
LIQUA Two Apples 30ml
Two apples: Two apples is a delicious combination of fresh green apples and juicy sweet red app..
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