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LIQUA Mixes 30ml

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LIQUA MIXES Banana Cream 30ml
BANANA CREAM A blend of ripe and green banana tastes complement a creamy, buttery undertone. ..
LIQUA MIXES Cherribakki 30ml
CHERRIBAKKI A rather complex blend of smoky tobacco, sandalwood, and black cherry. Cherribakk..
LIQUA MIXES Chocolate Mint 30ml
CHOCOLATE MINT A sophisticated combination of dark chocolate and creme de menthe, making it t..
LIQUA MIXES Cranberry Blast 30ml
CRANBERRY BLAST Get ready for a giant burst of tart and sweet in this unique cranberry vape c..
LIQUA MIXES Ice Fruit 30ml
ICE FRUIT This vape is a burst of rich berry flavor with a strong minty undertone. It's a ple..
LIQUA MIXES Ice Tobacco 30ml
ICE TOBACCO A refreshing spin on an old classic! ...We've combined American tobacco with a mi..
LIQUA MIXES Jasmine Tea 30ml
JASMINE TEA A taste of the orient with each vape. Jasmine Tea is a strong green tea with subt..
LIQUA MIXES Mango Milkshake 30ml
MANGO MILKSHAKE Our Mango Milkshake is infused with a real fresh mango flavor, supported with..
LIQUA MIXES N.Y Cheesecake 30ml
NY CHEESECAKE Prepare for the ultimate combination of fresh, creamy, and sweet. This is real ..
LIQUA MIXES Pina Coolada 30ml
PINA COOLADA If you could vape a tropical holiday, it would taste just like our Pina Coolada...
LIQUA MIXES Shisha MIx 30ml
SHISHA MIX Prepare to rock the casbah with this delicious combination of fresh green apples, ..
LIQUA MIXES Strawberry Yogurt 30ml
STRAWBERRY YOGURT A sweet, creamy vape for all of you fruit lovers. Luscious fresh strawberri..
LIQUA MIXES Sweet Tobacco 30ml
SWEET TOBACCO Here's a flavor that is sure to please. Sweet tobacco combines the classic tast..
LIQUA MIXES Tropical Bomb 30ml
TROPICAL BOMB A rich blend of tropical fruits, featuring paw paw, guava, and fresh Georgia pe..
LIQUA MIXES Tutti Frutti 30ml
TUTTI FRUTTI This tutti frutti will leave you wondering how we've managed to pack so much fre..
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